Episode 3: The End of the Nightmare is the Beginning

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Sp00ky Scary Halloween!

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All of us here at Weltall Subs wish you a very good, very spooky Halloween!

Episode 3 is up on all the usual places, feel free to snag it.
We’ve tried implementing some of the advice we’ve gotten but we’re sure there’s still plenty we can improve, so feel free to send us any and all feedback you see fit.

Until next week, cheers!

Episode 2 – The Fangs of the Beast

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Greetings, friends!

Episode 2 is up for your viewing pleasure. As always, any feedback is welcome. We’ve already received some very welcome constructive criticism over the week. While some of the technical advice we’ve received over the week hasn’t been implemented in this episode, we have taken it in mind and will try to have them incorporated in future releases and in the batch, once it’s done. In the meanwhile, we hope you enjoy our releases.
Till next week!