This group was founded by a small group of fans of Dies Irae, the urban fantasy battle opera visual novel penned by Masada Takashi, as well as his larger body of work, who were both greatly displeased by the translation of the series by Crunchyroll and felt that the fan community deserved better. Said group of fans are:


RahTheRah – Project Head/Editor
ZackZeal – Translator/lyrics (ending theme)
Singer of White Line – Editor, lyrics (opening/ending theme)
Hisui ‘Lohengrinn’ – QC and Karaoke for Spanish translation
Joseph ‘Katzenkind’ – Castilian/Spanish translator/editor
Terumi “Tubal Kain” – Castilian/Spanish translator and editor

Caduceus XIII – Translator/TLC, lyrics (opening/ending theme) [episodes 0-11]
LazyFox – Timer
Sardinu Bey РTimer
We also intend to take on other Dies Irae related projects after the anime has finished airing, as well as anything else related to Masada’s “Shinza/Throne” setting, so please be on the lookout for anything regarding that in the near future.

Email: use contact page