Episode 11 released, plans for the future

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Episode 11 is up. Our apologies for the significant delays – the holidays ate away at the team’s free time, causing this significant delay.
Episode 11 marks the end of the TV episodes, with the show going into hiatus until the remaining 6 episodes air on stream in July. We intend to translate those episodes, as well as continue to translate audio dramas. We will update accordingly when those go up. Speaking of, in case you didn’t know, a new one was translated not too long ago. I recommend you keep an eye out on Weltall Subs’ Youtube channel for future updates:

Episode 11 is also the final episode translated by Caduceus XIII. Everyone on the team thank him for his significant contribution up to today, and we hope our future work will make us a project he can be proud to have been part of.

We thank everyone for sticking with us until now, and we hope you will stay with us until the streamed episodes are out, as well as our work other possible Dies Irae/Shinza Banshou related content.
With the best of regards,

Weltall Subs