Episode 10 release

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Episode 10 is up and ready.

We’re past the halfway point of the show and approaching the beginning of the streamed episodes. What will the end of the year and upcoming 2018 hold for Dies Irae? Only time will tell.

Either way, we wish you happy holidays from Weltall Subs!

Episode 09 released, and more


Ep 9 is up on all the usual places:

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We apologize for the repeated delayed releases; due to personal obligations we aren’t able to release episodes as quickly as before. Hopefully we will be able to release episodes more quickly in the coming weeks.

As an addition, we’ve uploaded another audio drama translation this week. Check it out here:

Best regards from us all at Weltall Subs, and until next time!

Episode 08 release

Ep 8:

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There were some unexpected delays, but episode 08 is up and ready.

This episode introduces arias. Arias are incantations the characters use, and while they are spoken in Japanese in the show, they refer to different quotations and lines that reference varied literary works. As such we’ve decided to offer you two ways to approach them. Our episodes feature two sub tracks, one with just the translation for the aria, and another track with both the translation and the text in the aria’s original language (as they appeared in the game). Feel free to check the latter out if you’re curious to see the many references Dies Irae draws inspiration from.

Stay tuned for any more content we may bring your way in the coming days. Until then, best regards from Weltall Subs!

Episodios 02 & 03 – “Las fauces de la bestia” y “El final de la pesadilla pauta el comienzo”

FOR ENGLISH READERS: This post is about our Spanish (Castillan and Catalonian) translation of Dies Irae. This is unrelated to English subs and the translation team isn’t even the same. Don’t you worry, it won’t delay the release future episodes.


Torrent: 02, 03.

Descarga Directa 02 & 03.

Joseph: En fin, el retraso ha sido algo… raro. Digamos que ha llovido bastante sobre el tejado, lo otro no es más que un conjunto de anécdotas inverosímiles. Perdón por el retraso, queridos espectadores. Intentaremos ir recuperando el ritmo y adelantando episodios, puesto que varios de los posteriores traducidos están.

Teru: Seguim vius, i per fi amb OP i ED, tot i que podrien ser canviats en un futur.